Explaining the concept of Cool Kids Health Secrets:

Cool Kids Health Secrets came about as part of a doctoral research project designed to study the spiritual connection and relationships children 7-13 years old have in the areas of: 1) Physical Fitness and Body, 2) Food, Planting and the Land, 3) Community Service and Humanitarianism. In viewing the long term effects, the greatest of those is participants being given the opportunity to form new relationships in the 3 subject areas, and providing the support of an organization and club they feel “cool” to be a member of.

A seed was planted in honor of MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY, Cool Kids Health Secrets, sponsored "PlayDay at the Beach with MALAMA", for 100 participants. This free event in Hawaii inspired the 7-13 years old kids to reconnect to the fun of being physically activity for 3 hours non-stop and electronics-free in an obstacle course of activities in the water, on the sand and land and began “millions of kids moving monthly”, a legislative initiative, currently being drafted in Hawaii and 13 other states.

Reminding and providing a resource for families to follow in the footsteps of the PlayDay, by being physically active the 4th weekend of every month for 3 hours, electronics-free is the goal of Cool Kids, planting a new seed of responsibility in young people and their families.

Why is this project important right now?

The project's timing is important right now, given the attention on the health of children in the U.S., including by First Lady Michelle Obama. And with the inundation of more organizations essentially offering more of the same…information, (CLICK HERE), the time has come for Cool Kids Health Secrets, an organization that is in the business of delivery of service, hands-on support and accountability tracking.

Hands-on activities that give children (and their families) a fun approach to being physically active regularly and teaches them how to have a new relationship with “eating well”, leads to a positive difference in their health and happiness allowing each child to reach their full physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.

Inspiring kids and their parents by offering unique events as well as weekly and monthly classes in every state in the union, that gets them off the couch is key. The main industry that has accomplished this is the personal training industry. It’s time to bring the services of a personal trainer to the masses!

What we hope to achieve:

With a “being fit” curriculum offered directly into the “living room” of children and their families using live web on Skype, puts everyone on a level playing field. Economical affordable, and most of all private hands-on training and weekly tasks allow the entire family to “be in motion”. Requiring one parent minimum to participate with their child ensures the safety of using live webcam. A body in motion can stay in motion for a lifetime and is the goal of Cool Kids Health Secrets.

Of course having assignments, homework and being “graded” is a time tested model that works. Incentive rewards will also given built on a point system, redeemable in the Cool Kids Store, ranging from exercise equipment, vegetable seeds, to electronics and special club opportunities. Children being willing to participate in their exercise class on the computer is also leveraged with having play time on the computer, teaching families that this goes hand in hand.

Classes start with muscle building and food prep, to physical challenges and cooking classes. An interactive question and answer session is included once a month, with a special secret guest discussion, providing character building and mentorship. Keeping physical activity and mindful eating at the front of a child’s mind is essential in turning the tides of the times, literally thinking it into being.

Role is taken in each class to ensure accountability. Tracking participation is a joint effort that includes the child, parent and the Cool Kids Health Secrets Club forging a partnership for success.

What our message is to parents:

Parents must have legitimate assistance, not just more and more information about how-to. Having assistance in "getting their child(ren) moving” is key. Being the personal trainer, nutritionist and character builder is not what most parents signed up for and we cannot wait for our schools or the government to fix this. Parent need a go-to place, Cool Kids Health Secrets!

Our message to children:

Children’s reconnecting to the responsibility of taking care of their health is vital.

What do we see unfolding when kids take part in regular exercise?

Children taking part in regular exercise shows a very quick benefit, especially:

· Results in the mirror, e.g., a leaner waistline

· Physical performance improved (e.g., climbing stairs is easier, a child excels in his/her individual sport, i.e. higher levels of speed, strength, accomplishment or having more hits, rebounds or scoring)

· More sound sleep, i.e. more hours, deeper sleep, and/or having more daytime alertness

· Awareness and valuing of local and home grown foods, choosing more food from the earth less foods from a package (e.g., they choose and eat more intentionally)

·Attitude improvement (e.g., participants exhibiting more enthusiasm, being more helpful, showing more kindness and/or being more loving)

·There will be a academic improvement (e.g. better grades in school, teachers noticing a more cooperativeness)

·Children will have a higher confidence level (the children choosing to take more responsibility and leadership roles

·Quality of life (in the child having increased everyday joy, happiness and/or being more positive)

·Respect for the land and children showing a respectfulness for others, being willing to do their part

·That new positive habits will continue to be focused upon by the children and their families, (e.g., they continue to be and get involved in service projects)

How can businesses help?

We are looking for partnering with corporations who align with initiatives of Positive Moves, Inc.,

-Provide funding for our "Sponsor a Family Program" for up to one year

-Provide sponsorship for the monthly Cool Kids PlayDay

-Provide funding for documentary film production

Why is Cool Kids good for business?

Our organization will provide a direct impact “grade” for each child, no guessing that the program is working. The direct sponsorship of a child connects that child’s outcome to the company’s dollar invested. A company’s sponsorship would equate to data that reflects the health improvement of the child sponsored, positive visibility would increase well equated with dollars invested.

How important is the Cool Kids concept to our future, our world?

Given the concept of “making kids” healthy, Cool Kids can succeed in keeping kids accountable, thus making them “just do it”. That’s what a personal trainer does, that is why it works. For the first time in history, an organization is being built to bring the services of a personal trainer to all kids, this is an idea whose time has come.

With 31,257,108 boys and 29,889,645 girls between 0-14 in our nation*, or more definitively, 6.6% children 5 to 9 years old and 6.8% 10 to 14 children years old of the America’s 301,461,533** total populations, the future possibility of turning around the health perplexity of today makes Cool Kids a wise investment, one we must afford.



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